Qingdao Donga Tuo Ecological Agricultural Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. is located in Qingdao Huangdao District Lingzhu Mountain Street Office East Tuo community, close to Zhu Shan Scenic Area, with 4A level Qingdao Forest Wildlife World and Zhushan National Forest Park only There are two kilometers away to the "same three" high-speed Lingzhu Mountain entrance, but three kilometers, and the sea bridge and the submarine tunnel only half an hour away. Park planning covers an area of 230 acres, a total investment of 10 million yuan, has completed the construction of more than 100 acres, completed more than 500 million investment. The park is divided into strawberry picking area, vegetable picking area, holy fruit picking area, cherry picking area, grape picking area, is the municipal modern agriculture demonstration garden. Strawberry picking area has 20 large sheds, mainly cultivated with angel drunk, princess, white strawberry, red sleeves add incense, Zijin Xiangyu, sweet treasure, sweet Charlie, Ning Yu and other high-quality varieties more than 220,000, vegetable picking area with greenhouses 10 , Mainly planted with eggplant, kidney beans, cucumber, tomatoes, peppers and other pollution-free vegetables more than 10 species, to meet the needs of tourists on the local characteristics of fruits and vegetables, leisure picking area planting melon, watermelon, raspberry and other fine varieties.




        Qingdao Donga Tuo ecological agriculture demonstration picking garden and Qingdao forest wildlife world and other surrounding scenic areas joint cooperation, joined the Lingzhu Mountain Tourism Union, launched the "tour beads Hill, watching animals, eating strawberries," the slogan, made a significant tourism promotion effect. The formation of distinctive characteristics of the agricultural leisure picking tourism park, Qingdao, Huangdao leisure tourism picking tourism to add a beautiful, unique landscape.




       Qingdao Donga Tuo ecological agriculture Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. production of fruits and vegetables have passed the pollution-free testing qualified, we strictly control the quality of production in the production, and truly the whole process of supervision, quality and reliable. Efforts to build a leisure picking mainly, both tourism, entertainment, science teaching, field schools and other multi-functional integrated ecological agriculture park. Donga Tuo agricultural park since the official opening since 2015, the average daily number of people over 500 people, income 15,000 yuan.



       Donga Tuo ecological agriculture picking park to a new open attitude to receive each visitor, so that each visitor get a good interactive experience. In the park not only can eat fresh fruits and vegetables, experience the fun of interactive interaction, visitors can also be on-site production of baking ingredients, the fruits and vegetables to join the personal ideas and creative production into a full of delicious taste. Donga Tuo Ecological Agriculture Picking Garden welcomes you.

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