Travel weather
It is better sunny, the sun is not afraid of the big, because the garden trees, feel a lot cooler than the urban area, the air is particularly fresh, play when the car to see the blue sky when the mood is particularly comfortable. Cloudy or a little rain is not afraid, the animals encountered rain but particularly excited, insisted on the umbrella in the park for a walk, misty rain, and some taste.
Note: If the weather is relatively bad, some animal performances may be suspended. The park will also provide small animal intimate interactive experience and other projects.

Travel time
Park opening hours:Weekdays 09: 30-18: 00; Weekends 09: 30-18: 30
The specific time to the park announced the same day
It is recommended to take the subway, Line 3, Line 7 directly to Hanxi Changlong Station, from the D exit or E exports directly to the Long Long Metro Plaza. Walk five minutes to reach the South Gate of the Long live wildlife.
Facing the self-driving tourists, you can buy a self-driving ticket. Can drive their own car through the car drive area. Zijia Driving inside is one-way one-way, about 1 hour by car, driving friends can slowly open to see the favorite animals can also stop to take pictures.
Special tips, the car inside the terrain a bit twists and turns, self-driving friends need to have better driving skills, if the novice, then pay attention to the surrounding animal friends. In the car drive area can not get off, because the animals are free to disperse, so visitors must stay in the car. Because taking into account the animal health, scenic spots are not allowed to feed animals.

Travel preparation
Park in order to avoid unauthorized feeding of animals, is to carry food to carry the way. The garden is also very convenient to eat, the main exhibition area are located near the dining point. Recommended inside the package, there are large chicken legs, large pieces of ribs, as well as a smoked and vegetarian, absolutely enough to eat. There are characteristics of the crocodile soup, materials more foot, did not taste the crocodile meat can try. Because the ecological comparison of the original, inevitably some mosquitoes in the garden, you can prepare some ointment pest control or itching the best.

Special Note
01 ahead of planning garden route: you can search the map online, to the scenic entrance also has a garden map to provide (free)
02 garden in two parts, one pedestrian area, the second is the car tour area. The main area of the pedestrian area. The tour is a small train ride in the park (free), about 40 minutes, very comfortable. So the entire garden time is mainly in the pedestrian area activities. 03 to enhance the scenic service, is my park baboons island, Huaguo Shan, antelope ridge exhibition upgrading, inconvenience, please understand.

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