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Zoo ticket fee
Off-season price (November 1-the following year on March 31) High season price (April 1-October 31st)
70 YUAN 100 YUAN



★ Notice of purchase

 Off-season price (November 1 --- the following year on March 31) offer tickets 70 yuan;
 Peak season price (April 1 - - October 31) 100 yuan;
 1.2 meters to 1.4 meters in height children (including 1.4 meters) to buy concession tickets 50 yuan, more than 1.4 meters tall children to purchase a full vote;
 60 years old - 69 years old coupon fare 50 yuan, 70 years old or older free admission, admission must produce a valid identity documents;
 Each ticket for one person into a park effective, each adult ticket can take a child 1.2 meters tall.
 Purchase tickets and free tickets are required to show valid identity documents.


★ Warm tips

Dear visitor friends, in order to save your valuable time, please note the following:
 Do not bring pets to the area. In order to protect the animals in the park, do not bring their own food and feed the animals at will.
 Do not violate the law, violate animal habits to tease, catch, touch, disturb, throw animals, or may be subject to animal attacks and will violate the law.
 Do not bring bicycles, scooters, children's cars or skates into the area.
 The garden of the park time for the November 1 - the following year March 31 16:45, April 1 - October 31 17:15.
 Please take the scenic tour route, otherwise the consequences at your own risk.
 Scenic area due to weather reasons can not be animal outreach, please forgive me!

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