Ticket Center


Zoo ticket fee


Market price: 130 yuan/person


★ Notice of purchase

  Free crowd: children (including) under 1.2 meters (accompanied by adults who buy tickets), elderly people over 60 years old (accompanied by adults with safety ability with valid certificates), and military disability certificates (accompanied by valid certificates).
People with preferential tickets: 1.2-1.4m children (including), active servicemen, disabled people, and military honor cards
 Each ticket is valid for only one person to enter the park. Each adult ticket can carry a child under 1.2 meters in height.
 People who buy preferential tickets and free tickets need to show valid identity documents to enter the park.


★ Warm tips

Dear visitor friends, in order to save your valuable time, please note the following:
 Do not bring pets into the scenic area. In order to protect the animals in the park, please do not bring your own food and feed to animals at will.
 It is strictly forbidden to tease, chase, touch, disturb and throw animals in violation of laws and animal habits, otherwise they may be attacked by animals and violate laws.
● Do not bring bicycles, scooters, children's cars or skates into the scenic area.
 Please take the tour route of the scenic spot, or you will bear the consequences.​​​​​​​
 Please forgive me if the animals cannot be exhibited in the scenic area due to the weather!

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